Marine Power equipment

Victron Phoenix Inverter-12/2000 Smart


Marine Inverters 

We are providing the suitable option for every different power consumption need of our customers, from the following brands:
Studer, Epever and Victron Energy


Battery Chargers

Depending on the amount of service batteries onboard, we can offer a variety of battery chargers. Our brands: Victron Energy , Mastervolt , Cristec 

Victron Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger 24/25-3

Combi Units 

A combination of 2 or 3 units for user convenience. Most common combi units consists from inverter along with battery charger and in some cases embedding a MPPT solar regulator. Brands: Studer, Victron Energy, Phocos, Epever

DC to DC Converters

For using electronic equipment on boats with different voltage power systems.


Battery Monitors

To supervise always the battery level and health of your batteries on the boat, a good battery monitor is a must have.


Cables, Fuses & Breakers

We are providing first grade marine type of cables, fuses and breakers for your boat.