Marine batteries

Marine Batteries

The right battery for your boat. We supply and install various types of marine batteries for your boat.

Lead Carbon Solar Battery 12V 200Ah

Choosing the right battery for your boat 

Service batteries

Service batteries are the “powerhouse” of your boat. They are responsible for all consumptions of the electric and electronic devices onboard. For this purpose the correct type are deep-cycle batteries. A deep-cycle battery is a battery designed to be regularly deeply discharged using most of its capacity. The most common type of batteries used are GEL & AGM.  


Starter Batteries

Starter or engine batteries, are responsible for starting up the boat engine.


Lithium Batteries

The main advantage of Lithium batteries consists from being lightweight, their volume is smaller and they are the most efficient type of battery at the moment, offering also bigger longevity in comparison to the normal lead-acid ones. They support also smart features for better monitoring via Bluetooth from your smartphone.