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New Raymarine Performance Sailing Products

New Alpha Performance Displays  


    The Alpha™ series Performance Displays are high-visibility

touchscreen displays with fully customizable marine instrument data and graphic displays to help you make smarter sailing decisions. Designed for helm or mast mounting, the Alpha Series is remotely controlled from a networked Raymarine Axiom chartplotter.

Available in 7″ and 9″ sizes and mountable in portrait and landscape views, Alpha Performance Displays provide a new level of versatility for marine instruments.

Alpha Key Features

·         Customisable sailing, navigation, and engine instrument pages and widgets.

·         Polarized sunglasses-friendly, wide viewing angles and Raymarine HydroTough™ nanocoating touchscreen.

·         Lockable touchscreen with remote control from Axiom.

·         Optional single and dual mast mount brackets.

·         A single power and Raynet data cable for fewer cables running through the deck and mast. Please note power and network cables are not included with Alpha displays.

·         Complete your system with optional 1m, 3m, 5m, and 10m power/data cables.

·         Daisy-chain up to 4 displays.

·         A Raynet connection from Axiom provides for all instrument data, transducer data, and performance sailing calculations.

New RSW Wired Wind Transducer

The RSW Wired wind transducer is a professional-level wind sensor for leisure sailors. The RSW transducer is engineered for simplicity and accuracy using an integrated 3D motion sensor and Raymarine Smart Wind™ technology to give every skipper a new level of sailing intelligence. Sailors can use high accuracy, true wind, speed, and polar calculations to make more intelligent race and performance sailing decisions when it matters most.

RSW Wind Key Features

·         Lightweight and durable carbon fibre arm for reliable performance.

·         Includes 30 metre cable and a wired NMEA2000/ SeaTalkNG gateway.

·         Expert-level accuracy without complicated processors or cumbersome calibration tables.

·         Integrated 3D motion sensor (AHRS technology) accounts for pitch and roll, automatically delivering improved true wind accuracy.

·         Smart Wind technology delivers superior wind measurement by compensating for mast twist and bend, and the sensor automatically corrects the effects of airflow and upwash against the sails.

·         Rotating mast compatible without any extra sensors.

LightHouse 4.5 Performance Sailing New Features
Designed to work as a system, Alpha Performance Displays, the RSW Wired Wind Transducer, and Axiom are a winning combination. Axiom with the LightHouse 4.5 OS is the central hub for performance sailing data calculations. This powerful combination makes you a better sailor with intuitive graphical displays designed for tactical awareness and improved decision support. Alpha Remote Control

Navigate through Alpha data displays remotely from Axiom’s swipe-out sidebar.

Improved Polar Manager

Import custom polar diagrams into Axiom. Custom polar values help you achieve maximum performance. Polars can also be edited on the Axiom display to fine-tune them for your hull.

Steer-to-Wind Autopilot Control

Axiom’s autopilot controls now support Vane mode, so your autopilot can steer to a specific wind angle.

Automatic Sail Plan Recommendations

Import a custom sail plan for your boat, and Axiom makes real-time recommendations for when it’s time to raise, reef, or change sails. The sail plan supports both upwind and downwind sailing.

Automatic Speed Through Water Calibration

Raymarine has developed a patented technique to calibrate the speed transducer and eliminate tack-to-tack, heel, and linearity errors. Proper calibration of the speed transducer improves your wind system’s True Wind Angle and speed data. Compatible with the DST810 Smart transducer.

Wind Shift Indicator

Axiom now offers a customisable bar and numerical data displays to indicate trending wind shifts visually.

Adjustable averaging time and instant reset capability ensure you are always aware of what the wind is doing.