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Software download and update information for Raymarine Axiom, Axiom+, Axiom Pro, Axiom 2 Pro, Axiom XL and Axiom 2 XL chartplotter displays:

  • Applicable for: Axiom, Axiom+, Axiom Pro, Axiom 2  Pro, Axiom XL, and Axiom 2 XL Chartplotters Only
  • Current Software Version: LH4.4.87
  • Release Date: July 2023 (Download is constantly updated to include all the latest ISO files)

Note: Axiom 2 Pro and Axiom 2 XL users upgrading from LH4.4.70 should upgrade by downloading LH4.4.87 via this web page and upgrade their display with the software copied to a microSD card.

Axiom 2 Pro users running LH4.3.54 will have to upgrade to LH4.4.70 first, before upgrading to any future software versions – the LH4.4.70 download is located in software history table below.

New Updates

  • Resolved a pan & tilt control issue with cameras
  • Home button was missing from the LightHouse menu, with all pan & tilt cameras
  • Discovered & fixed a crash when using Augmented Reality (AR200) with LH4.4.70.
  • Identified & Resolved an issue with AXIOM 2 Pro not upgrading via “check online” software update.
  • Included updated Netherlands translations for LightHouse O/S
  • Corrected an issue on AXIOM 2 Pro/XL where internal cartography was not being shared across network
  • Resolved an issue when viewing only SideVision & Chart (split screen), where the RealBathy was not functioning (due to lack of depth)
  • LightHouse Charts Premium expiry date modified within the Chartplotter to provide 30 day warning when the Premium is due to expire